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Monday, March 8, 2010

Part 3-Using these papers

There are lots of projects you can use these new collaged papers for-they can be torn, cut, sized to fit just about any project or surface. You would use them just like you would with any other type of paper or paper ephemera. I like to cut them up into ATC's and use them for backgrounds. Cutting the papers randomly, yields some very interesting patterns and shows only a small area of any given image. Or you can cut the paper exactly where you want to yield the best images that appeal to you, for inchies-twinichies or for creating pendants or charms!
Here are a few samples:

Second Technique: What about using these papers in a different way-instead of stamping them with inked images-how about embossing them using embossing plates and a cuddlebug? I tried a little experiment of my own, using a felt applicator and Walnut Distress ink over an embossed acrylic washed paper and this is what I got:

These turned out fabulous! I love the colors, the texture, the fact that the texture is more visible since it is highlighted with the Walnut Distress inks. Yummy! Have fun!

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

Cindy, I like both techniques and often use the embossing plates for texture. Yours look super.