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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moving right along

Well, I've switched from watercolors to acrylics for this painting and will try my hand at watercolors on something different. I've already got my eye on a water lily pattern that I can adapt. I picked up some 140lb paper yesterday too. I think that will also make a difference. You can see, I've almost gotten the canvas based in and I will be starting the shading next, then adding details. I can see lots of potential for details with this.
I'm making headway in my pursuit of breaking my smoking habit, down from a full pack a day to only 3 cigarettes. I can see not smoking at all soon. It hasn't been easy and I certainly don't want anyone to think it is. I have to make decisions every minute it seems, or at least every hour whether or not I have the will to say no to myself and not run to the kitchen to grab something to eat. I haven't felt hunger pains for years, but every time I do, which is often, I want a cigarette to take those pains away. Quitting smoking and being on a diet, really bites but I have noticed I am not suffering from sinus problems anymore. Now that's a really good thing! :-D

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