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Monday, September 1, 2008

Project Sneak Peek

Here is a wonderful, fun project for you to make and help you use up all those delicious fibers you have been storing away for a rainy day. This fiber wrapped satchel is a must have accessory! Create your own unique satchel by combining your favorite colors, or do what I did, use up all those leftovers!
Update-I will be conducting a 3 day workshop on the Latest Trends yahoo group, starting Sept. 23rd. Come join the fun! The link is above.


Sharon said...

What a neat project Cindy! Have to go raid my fabric and fiber stash --GRIN-- for leftovers too! Thanks for posting it...


Christy said...

I love this Cindy. This looks like fun and the flexibility of the ingredients probably mean you could make all types of sizes and shapes.

akatrix said...

That purse is to die for! I will have to study how you stitched it together but I want one! Thanks for sharing.