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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fun New Addiction!

Digital Art is such an amazing addiction and relatively easy once yoou master a few clicks of the mouse and with a little help from some friends. I found an terrific book called: "digital designs for scrapbooking" by Renee Pearson that actually got me started. I was spending more time visiting all the help tutorials and learning diddily squat because their commands weren't my commands and it was more confusing than helpful. Just sitting down and playing with all the wonderful controls helps you to learn faster I must admit and having a delete button came in very helpful! :-D

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rebecca woodward said...

Cindy! You go girl! This is a wonderful piece! Are you sure you're a beginner?!! You are so right about just playing with the program and delete is all good sometimes.
try this: ctrl Z takes you back one move

or: ctrl alt Z take you back a step at a time, if you go too far back, just ctrl z to bring you back to where you were.

I'll be looking for lots of digtal things from you now. I can tell you are determined to learn!