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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trish's Challenge

Left challenge-texture using only three steps. (1) covered page in metal tape, (2) paint with three shades of green from darkest to lightest, & (3) after it had dried, sanded the page.
Right Challenge-I treated the page the same as the left, however, there is one difference in the pages themselves. The one on the left was actually done twice, same steps. The finished product is a much duller metal. The second part of this challenge was to randomly open a dictionary, tear out a page and select a word from that page to finish the project. My word is "Forest" Cool.....I watered down some dark forest green paint, and dripped it with an eyedropper down the side of the page to resemble the trunks of the trees. I will further enhance these with shading in black india ink, perhaps tear some painted paper towels into small leaf shapes and glue them on randomly. I'll post another pic when it's complete!
This technique was entered in the 60 ATC Technique swap that I participated in over the summer, via the ArtTechnique yahoo group. It is a technique by: Shari Schneider that she called: Weathered Metal Surface Technique.

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Trish Bee said...

Gorgeous texture! I love the colours! Makes me want to reach out and touch them!! I wish my computer had that 'touch key' on my keyboard!!