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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Earth Forming

This was a challenge from the Latest Trends Yahoo Group called: "Just Having Fun". We had to use 3-D paste, any color palette, we could add one thing of our choice (numbers) and one found object (foil). This was lots of fun and time consuming since I couldn't make up my mind about what paints to use. I have to say, Aileen's (OutsidetheMargins) color mists did the best job in creating the metallic look I finally decided to use! Also, I experimented with mixing fabric dyes (Procion) with acrylic varnish. The result was the beautiful dark raspberry you see here and there, complete with what looks like the seeds, as it did not mix together well. Terrific experiment and look forward to the next challenge which will include embossed vellum!! If you haven't joined this fun group yet, the link is above. Come Play!!


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Cindy this turned out awesome! I'm happy to hear the Color Mists worked so well for you, great job! Now I need to get going on mine :-)

Mary S Hunt said...

Just Gorgeous!

Lohan said...

Hi Cindy! I found your blog through altered books yahoo group :-)
You have beautiful art here. Simply fabulous! I'll be visiting again