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Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Project

For the past week I have been painting the guest bath & laundry room a beautiful shade of sandy brown, above the chair rail and a satin black on the bottom. The chair rail, trim & cabinets are all a snowy white. With these three colors in mind, I decided to start a new project for a 3-panel canvas wall art, in a Parisian theme. Experimenting with what I have on hand, I've created three backgrounds, all different, yet all matching. Some have water-stains for an aged look, and others have a dry-brushed texture. They all have a depth to them because of the shading done using various hues of the same colors. Right now they look very aged. I will allow these to dry for a few days, and then start the real fun, adding the embellishments, ephemera, and maybe some 3-d effects. I could also make them into shadow boxes by adding sides, top & bottom. Then I would be able to stand selected objects inside the box. Perfume bottles? Scroll down for the next 5 layers.

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Living Out Loud said...

Your work is wonderful! I love your sense of color. Mai-Liis